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Categories Management

In this ecommerce application dashboard you can manage, add or delete your products category according your requirements includes Parent and sub categories relation.

Feature Categories

Feature Product Management

Product Management

Now mange your product easily through ecommerce application dashboard directly and speed up your tasks through your ecommerce store anytime.


Using this ecommerce development platform you can get Products, Category, Sale Promotion banners and Slider.

Feature Banners

Feature Product Variation/Options

Product Variation/Options

This features for customers help to choose an option when customer can buy their product when this feature says Choosing Color: RED/Black/White etc.

Brand/Manufacturer Management

In your dashboard features you can manage your store products according to brands, ecommerce mobile application allows you to add or update products brands directly.

Product Specification

Attributes management option where you can make products filtration easily, and manage your products attribute with hassle free way, without any difficulty.

Orders Management

Manage Order and History of your products and customers easily with ecommerce mobile application dashboard. Here you can easily update your order status through your app itself.

Feature Orders Management


When you create your Ecommerce mobile application through SiteGini platform then you don’t worry about your detail related to Order, password change and updation etc.

Profile Management

Here you can manage your personal information including Company profile, address, login user name and password change, password recovery etc.

Feature Subscription


If you are deciding to create Ecommerce store and buy any Subscription plan you can upgrade and downgrade your subscription anytime and select that suits most.

Payment Options

Ecommerce platform offers you many secure payment option you can set up; COD/ Card Payment for your App/ Front store. All the securities are taken care of.

Feature Payment

Feature General settings

General settings

You can save change your mobile application settings including Country, language and currency according to your suitability through this dashboard feature.

Theme Manager

If you want to change your ecommerce mobile app store layout and color scheme then go to dashboard theme manager and mange your favorite them that suits most.

Feature Theme Manager

Domain Set up

You can easily set up your ecommerce website and update your Live domain any time without any problem, it’s totally user friendly application.

Social Media Settings

If you need to change or update any setting about your social media account then need to go social media setting features and change setting according to your need.

SEO enabled

Our Ecommerce store is Search Engine Optimization friendly. You can enable or disable the SEO features if you need or not.

Feature Seo

Bulk Product Import

You can import products in Bulk just by Populating Excel Demo File and can also ad images reference to add images to Products. Updtation of products for pricing or other bulk updattion can be made easy.

Excel/CSV Export Data

Your added data (Categories, Brands, Products, Orders, Customers) can be easily exported to Excel or CSV. This will help you to analyse or promote business marketing.

Responsive Website features Below

Multiple Colors & Themes

We also offer multiple themes with many color and layout for ecommerce website so you can choose theme or layout that suits most on your website store.

Ecommerce Mobile Website Feature Img

Add to Cart option

This Ecommerce website design is very attractive and user friendly, customer can see add to cart option direct from listing page and easily use it.

Cart Manager

In Responsive Ecommerce website you can easily update or remove your products using cart manager option.

Product Listing by Categories

In this website list products according to the category, so customer can easily check and buy products using category filter option.

Products listing by Brands

You can also check and list your products according to the brands because we can also offer brand management for products.

Category and Subcategory

Website also offer a features options related to category or subcategory where filters on each category product listing for customers uses.

Product Sorting And Filters

Responsive Ecommerce website offer sorting and filters option for products on each listing page with Paginate option.


COD and Cart Payment options are enabled, customer can choose of any that can easily manage by admin, if required only card Payment or COD.

Customer Management

This Ecommerce website gives you a Customer Management Panel for: Signup, Login, Profile update, Order History Manager etc. You can easily manage this panel.

Order Tracking

Order tracking option also available for Guest customer. Guest customers can buy products without registration and also track their order time to time.

Social Media Links

You can enable or disable your social media (facebool, Twitter, Google Plus) links on your ecommerce website according you’re suitably.

SEO Enabled Url

Our website all url is search engine optimized friendly. So you can enable or disable your SEO featuers if required or not.

Cache Enabled

This website is very faster than any other website because cached is enabled for faster loading. So it is completely optimized in terms of speed.


When SMS service is enabled, Order , Sign will be confirmed by OTP service. TO ensure valid and 2 Factor Validations.

SMS Notifications

You can enable SMS integration and your Frontend Activities will work and transactional SMS Messages will serve Notifications for Order complete, Signup, Password changes like events.

Ecommerce Mobile App features Below

Faster Than Website

App is faster than website and our Ecommerce Mobile application speed is 80% faster than any other website or application and you can enabled the cache for faster loading.

Admin Dashboard

Our Ecommerce Android/ IOS Application Development service gives you admin dashboard where you can manage everything related to your profile and ecommerce application store. Here you can make any changes for your app store, no need of any coding skills.

Product List by Categories

In this Ecommerce Mobile Application Development categories management option available where you can manage your products according to the category, checks your product detail with fashion and related products lists.

Product List by Brands

This Ecommerce Mobile application offers you brand management option where you can list your products according to brand or manufacturer easily. All mobile app store products detail shows in a sliding fashion.

Product Sorting/Filters

You can easily filter and sort your products using this ecommerce mobile application development service - according to price, color or size. Here Product detail available with multiple images.

User Profile Management

This ecommerce mobile application is totally user friendly. If any customer and store manager want to manage their user profile then go to User Profile Management feature and checkout their login, register, forgot pass, change password detail.

Secure API Calls

If you want to create Ecommerce Mobile Application with SiteGini then our development platform gives you a spacial feature of secure API calls that improve the performance, security and functionality of mobile application monitoring and configuration.

Add to Cart and Easy Cart Update

This Ecommerce android mobile and IOS Application support latest technology. SO customer can easily add product to Cart and easy update their cart at shopping time and you can easily enable or disable your application features themselves.

Payments Gateway

Ecommerce Mobile Application for Androoid platform Offers you many secure Payments gateways integration like Credit card, PayPal and Cash on Delivery etc you can enable or disable your payment option according your requirement.

Single Page Checkout

This Ecommerce Mobile Application is user friendly platform where you can easily maintain and update your option according to your need without any development skills. This is Single Page Checkout app that will make the easy shopping experience of your customers.

Customer Order History

You can check all detail about your products order history in your Ecommerce Mobile Application store anytime and anywhere from your mobile. So create your Ecommerce application for Android mobile with SiteGini within few minutes.

Email Notifications Seller/Customer

Mobile application plays an important role for your business in these days. Using this ecommerce Mobile application you can increase engagement with customers on daily basis because we can offer you an Email Notifications features for Seller and Customers.

Colors and Layout

If you can use our app development platform for creating an Ecommerce mobile application for Android then we gives you multiple colors and layout options for look and feel, so you can choose your application color and layout according your need.

Ecommerce Website Feature Img

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